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who gave taemin permission to grow up

Do you ever have those moments in life wherein thousands and thousands of words are running incessantly through your mind? And you do not know how to formulate the proper words to express yourself? This is what is happening to me right now. I’m having trouble collecting my thoughts. My oh my… where do I begin? Luhan, you have gone through a lot this past year. You’ve gone through a lot of new experiences that you felt you weren’t ready for, felt too pressured for. All I want to say is thank you so much for working so hard. You always apologize for saying the same thing over and over again, words like "I hope that we (EXO) can continue to work hard and continue to show everyone even better performances" (Luhan). You shouldn’t apologize for repeating this. I’m really glad that you constantly want to improve yourself for the sake of your fans. I am grateful that you always want to exceed your past self. And it really shows. You’ve improved so much and it makes me so, so proud to watch you grow like this. I can’t repeat this enough though: Don’t stress yourself too much and rest more. You should really prioritize your health. And yes, I am talking about your sleeping habits and that recurring cough of yours. I know I’m just a fan, and I’m thousands of miles away from you but I worry a lot over you. Additionally, know that you will always have my undying support. Thank you for being the man that you are. You are my inspiration. I love you more than anyone would ever know. Happy birthday Xiaolu!

i’d like everyone to welcome arisa to the shawol family. she likes to eat and sleep, so she’s one of us.


Heechul is jealous of Zhou Mi talking to Puff in Chinese, but when he tries to get his wife’s attention, his gets his husband’s instead  ヽ(✿ ゚∀゚)






 Songs that are turning 10 years old In 2014 (Based on release dates)



Ahh, yes. The ten year anniversary of the traditional earth ballad, “Toxic”







Listen here, you little shit…

Saturn was NOT a single lady.

"I’ll tell him not to go to a play. Ever."

you should not hit dogs